Boost Value
Beyond Limits

VOOST aspires to build up a revolutionary financial platform based on block chain, big data and AI, and further contribute to a more efficient and fair society.

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Boost Value
Beyond Limits

All Crypto Assets
In One Platform

Manage All Crypto Assets In One Platform

PASTEL is the one-stop service for investors to manage their digital assets in an all-in-one platform.

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The Most Seamless
Crypto Asset
Management Platform


Manage all your cryptocurrency exchanges in one single UI. View scattered crypto assets within a single platform and analyze them in multiple angles. Go hassle-free with Pastel.

Secure and Stable

Protected by multiple layers of security, Pastel’s infrastructure forbids any negative access whatsoever. Go risk-free with Pastel.


Pastel provides a foundation for building services such as asset management and automated trading bots through a stable infrastructure and integrated APIs. Create an ecosystem that can deliver new value and benefits through user interactions.


Crypto Market Trend at a Glance

Check the status of crypto asset market trends at a glance. Instantly identify coins with rapid changes, and register target coins on your Watch List for in-depth management.

Easily access and understand market trends with news and expert columns that are available in one menu.


Smart Multi Trading

You can trade on all exchanges with a single UI. You do not have to go to various exchanges to trade. All exchanges are available in the same UI. The liquidity of all exchanges can be used to settle the most optimal deal. It’s that simple.

Pastel supports intelligent trading algorithms for efficient processing of trades and transactions.


Integrated Portfolio Management

You can view all of your spread-out crypto assets in Pastel. Pastel provides an intuitive visualization tool that allows you to analyze your portfolio in multiple angles. You can compare the past and present, and use a variety of metrics to evaluate your return on investment.

Institutional Level Fund Management

Use a group account to manage larger funds. You can manage funds and measure performance together with your group members.




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    Trigger Orders
    Mobile App

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    Signal Trading
    Robo Advisor

  • 4Q2019

    Social Trading
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  • 1Q2020


We Boost Value!


To contribute to the creation of a more innovative, efficient and fair society.


To provide top-notch services, platform and infrastructure for crypto asset management.


Our corporate logo is a combination of “value” and “boost”, which signifies boosting value. Voost aspires to boost value to boundless limits. Our core values of top notch, value, and growth are embedded into a simple yet smart, trustworthy look and feel of the logo.

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These are our partners who trust us and accompany us in our journey.

  • Byungsung Park

  • Jean-Baptiste Salles

    Application Director
  • Hyunjoon Kim

    Software Engineer
  • Hyunsu Lee

    Software Engineer
  • Youngcheol Jang

    Software Engineer
  • Sunmi Jo

    Software Engineer
  • Hanghee Jo

    Software Engineer
  • Mingyu Kim

    Software Engineer
  • Jonghem Youn

    Research Director
  • Yunjeong Jeon

    Creative Director
  • Sehwan Je

    UX Designer
  • Hyuna Park

    UX Designer
  • Hyunwoo Kim

    Business Manager
  • Minji Lee

    Business Manager
  • Jiyeon Lee

    Business Manager
  • Dongjoo Lee

  • Miyeon Kim

    Operation Manager

Our Advisors

Our honorable advisors provide valuable support to guide our team along this journey.

  • Simon Seojoon Kim

    CEO of Hashed

    Venture Partner at SoftBank Ventures
  • Yongjin Kim

    CEO of Presto Labs

    Jump Trading. LLC  |  MIT
  • Haesung Yun

    CEO of Jikji Associates

    VP, Portfolio Manager
    Samsung Asset Management
  • John Chen

    Columnist of TechCrunch

    Emergence Capital | Crunchbase
    Box | Google | Harvard Univ.
  • Julian Gropp

    CEO of Battery Street Advisors

    KKR & Co. L.P. |  Lazard
    Lending Home  |  Stanford Univ.
  • Youngbin Kim

    CEO of Fount

    Boston Consulting Group Senior Consultant
    Seoul Univ.

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Anytime, anywhere. You can effectively work anytime and anywhere, without influencing your team collaboration.

Adopt & adjust. We have a flexible working system with collaborative tools which enables you to adopt and adjust to changes.

Amiable atmosphere. We respect individual expertise and encourage horizontal relationships by calling each other's first names.

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Business Development

Main Responsibilities

  • Identify market trends and establish business strategies
  • Establish sales strategies by analyzing competitors and customer needs
  • Explore upcoming data-driven businesses

Minimum Qualifications

  • Fluency and proficiency in English
  • Excellent skills in communication and presentation
  • Expertise in business strategy and marketing strategy techniques

Bonus points

  • Language skills in other foreign languages aside from English
  • Experience in global business
  • Experience in finance-related work
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